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Ted Sokol

Ted T. Sokol, PhD., P.E.

Ted Sokol is a Civil Engineer and Vehicle Accident Reconstructionist with FAAR Consulting, LLC in Omaha, Nebraska. Dr. Sokol holds a PhD in Civil Engineering from Kansas State University, is a Registered Professional Engineer and a Certified Traffic Accident Reconstructionist through ACTAR. Dr. Sokol has forty-two years of experience in the area of accident reconstruction and has been responsible for the investigation and analysis of thousands of vehicle accident reconstructions relating to the following: automobiles, trucks, trains, motorcycles, bicycles, ATVs and pedestrians. Dr. Sokol's experience also includes site investigations, causation analysis, accident avoidance maneuvers, vehicle braking analysis, collision analysis, sight distance investigations and the retrieval of crash data from airbag control modules. Dr. Sokol also has significant experience in the areas of failure analysis and the investigation of industrial and construction accidents.

Contact Information

Office: (402) 572-9164   

Cell Phone: (402) 630-3587   

Email: tsokol@faarconsulting.net

Serving the Following States for 46 Years: Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, 
Colorado, North Dakota, & South Dakota

Professional Credentials:
Registered Professional Engineers - ACTAR Accredited - Nebraska Bar Association Member